Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Casual Vacancy

Hey! It's been awhile okay this is the outfit that i wore yesterday just a simple go to outfit. I just threw on this top that i haven't worn it's just hanging out in my closet and thought why not try this one and pair it with some high-waisted shorts and some cute sandals and there you go. So I will be attending my Orientation later need to wake up early but i'm still here wide awake uggh i hate it screwed up body clock can't believe that i'm going to college more updates soon.

The photos are in it's original version 'cause my laptop is being a bitch again haha sorry for saying that but really it is and I want to get a new one so bad. I had to transfer to our computer so i could finish this one tonight. That's all more rants and outfits to be posted soon.

|Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Gap |
for the rest of the outfit you've prolly seen it a million times if your reading my blog or viewing my looks on Lookbook

xoxo,Polly ♥

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