Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Caramoan Island

For my Last blogpost the pictures are not edited aswell everything is in it's natural pace just like the previous one,I just love embracing the natural quality of the pictures btw I'm using Canon D60 most of the shots are taken by my Dad. This picture is the taken upon arriving the port we just ride the boat,It was such an experience for me specially because i have this crazy fear on riding the boat.

As you can see the scenery is really breath taking and I fell inlove with white sand makes me want to go back but I don't want to ride the freakin' boat again haha :)) and Here are some pictures of me. I look a bit red due to lack of sleep and you can see some zit going on just ignore it if you find it disturbing :D btw we stayed at West Peninsula Villas 



This last picture is not relevant to this post but i just find this super cute this is my dog. I missed her a lot after the Caramoan trip ^_^ Pet Lovers will get me this picture is too adorable credits to my sister for this picture.

xoxo,Polly <3

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