Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Animal Print

Finally! I know most of you would think that woah there's a lot of pictures but seriosuly i only chose the best there's a lot more actually but i only post the pictures worth giving a shot in this blogpost there's more that i wanted to include actually but i didn't want to make this post full of pictures you guys might get bored of.
I already posted this look on Lookbook so feel free to check if ever you liked any of the clothes i wore in this post.This is the oufit that i wore during our House Blessing in Bicol and I also decided to post the natural/non-edited version of the photo 'cause i love it more when it's natural and not totally madeup.

Just wanted to give credits to my cousins/People behind this mini Photoshoot

Stylist: Valentino Parafina
Photographer: Haidee Rafallo


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