Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Like i promised i will be posting some blogposts about the things that happened to me during the past couple of months i was MIA. These are some of my favorite pictures from my pre-sweet sixteen shoot it's the one that the photographer used for the photobooth & tarpaulin for my party. I was only going for the spring fantasy feel it was nothing too bongga or anything it was just simple.

Dress: Boosteeyay

For the theme of the party i was going for more of  that sweetness so i go for the color pink. I also rented a cotton candy machine some people might think my party is for children haha :))

Preparing for my party i was hurrying 'cause i just got back from school for MTAP but they cancelled it anyways because of the weather cray cray ..  As you can see i did my own makeup that's my dior palette that my Dad gave to me it's one of my favorite ♥
Headpiece:SM Accesories | Dress:SM Dept. Store | Shoes: Primadonna
To end this blogpost here's my solo shot from the photobooth please do visit their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/PrinceDigitalPhotobooth.

It feels good to be back and do what i love ♥


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