Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mermaid's Teardrop (Junior&Senior Prom)

To start this blogpost I feel sad that this will be my last prom i really love prom ever since i was little i dreamt about this moment and never thought it would come to an end this will be the best part of my highschool life.For the makeup i did it on my own,For the nails got it done from Wow Salon the night before it was much cheaper there haha i was thrifty that time spend too much on makeup,For the Evening dress my mom was the one who bought it,It was actually made but i'm not really sure where.The Shoes was from Gibi Collection i adore the shoes it goes on smoothly while dancing.So this is my last blog for tonight it's already 12:50 am i really love catching up with my blog.


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