Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Nightout

My Last Nightout a.k.a My Last Cosplay Competition :( This is me dressed up as Usagi Chan popularly known as Sailor Moon i used to looked up to her when i was young she's one of my favorite anime character that's why i decided to dressed up as her for the Cosplay Competition.
So after the program and the competition we're all ready to party i was a bit upset 'cause it was raining so hard during that time we had to leave the school gym really early unlike last year's we stayed longer but i still enjoyed it with my batchmates we have to party 'cause this is our last.
I got my costume and wig from 168 Mall the shoes that i paired with was flasts from Parisian instead of heels i couldn't find it that time and the Dress is from Boosteeyay my all time favorite online shop i got it from their Super Sale Bazaar incase your wondering.


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