Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back in Business

So i'm gonna start by saying that i really miss this blog it's been months since i last posted in here. I want to go back to blogging 'cause i never stopped loving this anyways,I also want to apologize for being MIA the main reason why i stopped blogging is to use it as a sacrifice for my study i felt like i needed to give way for my studies 'cause im that kind of person that gets distracted easily so i have to do it and focucs,As you all know i'm a senior in highschool and i will be graduating next month and i just couldn't resist it anymore that's why i already made my decision to go back i really miss posting stuffs in here,But from now on i will be posting more 'cause this is my thing and no one's gonna take that away from me deciding to be a nerdy nerdy girl since i started my senior year i had to sacrifice a lot of the things but it was kind of worth it i think haha :)) but brace yourselves for a series of blogsposts from the past months i've been MIA i will be updating you guys about the things that i've been doing and looks that i posted on lookbook that i never really put on this blog.


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