Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walk the Street

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Hey guys ,Finally yesterday was the Last day of my review class oh yeah no more waking up at 6 am and endless answering of tests lol :) but anyways im back to blogging again i didn't have that much time to blog before and school starts next week sigh* so that's means i only have few days left to enjoy my vacation that's the downside but i did have a productive summer cause i did get a chance to meet more people from different schools.

For the outfit i wore it last last century lol im kidding i really dont know when cause this is super late post sorry :| but still thought i'd share it i actually have more pictures from Mercato but i ended up uploading these three :) so for the place it's near the Belagio you guys should go there it's nice and peaceful.One more thing i dont where the heck i got the short but actually i just borrowed it from my sister cutesie ^_^ 

TOP: The Ramp|Crossing -Cosmopolitan shirt |Bonnet: Tagaytay |Belt: Forever 21|Shoes: Keds

Ti'l my next post i will have more coming up! Thanks for reading :D

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