Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pixlr : La Vintage Colours

This is all about me being "VAIN" lol well yeah but i am going to endorse my Macbook Pro Webcam oh gosh i just love it so much thanks to my sister for lending well apparently she has macbook and i dont but that's okay im just gonna ask that as my grad gift but right now i have my new asus laptop that my sister gave me as an advance grad gift okay enought about that.I just totally fell inlove taking pictures and Pixlr Omatic you guys should check it out.

So i just want to show how proud i am with my hair and makeup that i did all by myself the other day cause it was ridiculously boring yeah but i just kill all that boring stuffs by taking a picture of MOI ::)) it was fun i just didn't want to waste all the effort that i did so i took pictures and decided to put it up here on my blog,This is totally random not the kind of blogpost you would kind of expect from me right? but what the heck most makeup that i used in this post are from MAC so it's totally worth blogging.

Hope ya'll like my editing and poses but most specially my makeup hihi :">  and don't forget to visit

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