Saturday, June 9, 2012

Haulin :">

Hola! Finally i made it this is my last blogpost for tonight,So i've been planning to post this haul for quite sometime now but i didn't have much time before cause i was really busy the past few weeks and im really excited to share with you guys the products that i purchased,And btw i gave too much effort with this haul unlike my past few hauls i didn't do much photography feel to it but now i really wanted ya'll to be more interested with my hauls that's why it looks very clear and bright :)

Let's start off with this body mists and Lotion from Victoria Secrets and i felt really happy because i found my absolute favorite limited edition body mist from Victoria Secret and it's the scent called "Sweet Sugar" as you can see i used quite a lot already :) and i also purchases another scent from the same collection last year and it's called "Berry Sugar" got it incase i finished my favorite scent and Last thing from VS is this PINK Lotion that i've been eye-ing on for so long cause i saw this from Bethany's video before if im not mistaken i just thought that it'll be nice to use during the cold weather since school season/rainy days is approaching already.

This mirror that i really felt overjoyed when my mom got it for me Last week cause i was absolutely requesting for it and i was only asking for the small one but she got me the biggest they have really happy since i dont have a decent mirror here at my room so this would be totally useful :)

This cute cases i got from Greenhills shopping center i always buy cases from there cause it's cheap and unique ,I just saw a post of Camille Co at instagram when she attended the Candy Style Awards i saw her using the same case except her's has the icecream thingy but it really reminded me of her when i saw it so i bought it right away and the Hello Kitty case is for new laptop gosh good thing i had something that'll fit my laptop plus it's hello kitty and it's the last piece so yay :D

This is my first cream foundation and it's from Calvin Klein ain't that amazing? and the packaging is really unique it'll totally suit my purse
Paris Notebook from: SM Supplies well i just needed a cute notebook for my review and this baby suits my personal style i always go for that ^_-

Bustier Dress from BoosTeeYay im not sure witht the spelling but i'll check it out soon if ever i'll wear this soon , btw i bought it from the Superb Bazaar :)

Forever 21 Lace Headband,Im a huge sucker for Forever 21 headbands and my dad got this for me thankyou daddy :">

These are the Bags that i got from the Superb Bazaar during the Last day of Philippine Fashion Week.
Hello Kitty Jewelry Set from Mom <3 CUTENESS :3
New glasses broke it again i feel like everytime i have a haul i always got a new pair of glasses to show im so clumsy well anyways i also have my spare glasses but i didn't like it so i use this instead.
New contact lens from EO it'll last for 6 mos i use contact lens at school sometimes if i dont want to look nerdy with my glasses but only ocasionally cause they irritate my eyes a lot and i really like this new cases so adorable :">
Mint Aeropostale Shirt <3
These are my new Sheer Longsleeve top i got three different designs that i would definitely use for my outfit of the day soon,It's just so in these days that i had to get it :)

Lastly i got this Laptop for free that my sister won during the three day sale at SM,She kindly gave it to me as an early grad present cause she already have her laptop.

Finally i can now go to bed i feel really sleepy -__- I just really need to finish everything cause i will busy again next week and might not have that much time to blog cause school will start next week waah! unfair i just started my vacation anyways hope ya'll enjoy reading this post Goodmorningt :* ti'l next post :D


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