Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fashion Furious : Rajo Laurel

Hey guys here's another post for my fashion furious series and  so i am saving up this one for another "Filipino Fashion Designer" i just realized that after posting my Francis Libiran i just thought that it'll be a great idea to present more talents from my country. 


He created this wonderful piece that Tyra Banks wore on the infamous show "Americas Next Top Model" . I can  see  that many  young Filipino Fashion Designers  like him already invade the world of fashion worldwide.

Here are some of pictures that i got from his new summer collection.

Sorry if i didn't put too much effort with this post it's because  im using my big  old  laptop that has a broken spacebar im just using the on screen keyboard for now.Trust me it's really dificult to work with  i might just  switch to my netbook later cause i have like 2 more posts pending and i dont think that this laptop can bare  with me,Anyways it's like super duper late i feel sleepy but im gonna post some  more for the  sake of blogging it's fun  though  hope ya'll find this post interesting .


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