Saturday, June 23, 2012

Black Dawn

This photos were taken last week and i wasn't to upload em' cause i was really busy with school im sorry about that but this was taken during father's day :) BELATED HAPPY FATHER'S DAY lol :P

Top from Bazaar | Pants from Candies | Bag from Japan |Shoes from my sister :)) lol dont know where she got it but it's really comftie i wore it for hours and my feet didn't felt tired

Now for some random photos feel free to view :)
so we ate lunch at a Thai restaurant located on Greenbelt and the food's really yummy and had fun bonding with my family cause it's father's day that time.


Hope ya'll enjoyed reading or viewing my blog i will try to create more exciting and interesting posts thanks for viewing,Ti'l next time :)


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