Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back to School

Hey there! oh well sad to say that i'll be back to school tomorrow and it's also my first day being a senior/last year of highschool,am i excited? seriously i feel furious well not really kinda but i dont want to start school yet cause i just started my vacation few weeks back because i was busy with review classes for my entrance tests,and to tell you honestly i actually like attending review classes better cause it's not boring and stuff plus the teachers are fresh graduates they're really cool and they get us ,if you know what i mean? :)

The fact that i have to wake up early everyday is not my complain at all,It's just that the pressure is there cause your graduating and your the eldest among everyone you have to act really mature and be a true leader well whatever it is i must be up for that challenge it's all a part of growing up.


And because it's my first day tomorrow im planning to kind of make a summer favorites later,It's actually raining today and it's really windy so i decided to just stay at home cause it's a lot cozier in here :)
okay i'll prolly think about the stuffs that i should blog so i can share all the good stuffs with you guys felt kinda sad because i wasn't able to post more outfit of the day before school starts because i encountered an accident last sunday and i have all these wounds on my legs well i'll try to figure out on how to conceal these bad boys soon so you guys won't feel gross about my scars.

Ti'l next time <3

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