Friday, May 18, 2012


Hey people i love the most,First of all im really sorry for not updating this blog  and not fulfilling my promises with everything that i should put up in this blog.Anyways i've been really busy reviewing for my College Entrance test at ahead that's what i've been doing since May,92012 and to tell ya'll i have 2 pending blogposts so im really sorry about that i actuallyhave more outfits to show you guys but i dont have the time to take a picture and all that stuff so yeah i've been focusing and never got the chance to give time for my blog but since it's friday today  will post my recent trips and more random blogposts.Sad to say but i guess im kissing my summer goodbye -__- haven't even done everything i want to do yet but oh well! just stay tune for upcoming blogposts.


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