Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fashion Furious : Maria Lucia Hohan

This will be my first blog entry for my Fashion Series,For this blogpost our star will be Maria Lucia Hohan just saw her amazing designs while browsing Taylor Swift's dresses and i fell inlove with it already it's totally my style it's flowy,light and pastel i just love how she creates her piece I'm so amazed i just love her works.
colored wedding dress trend, pastel colored wedding dresses by Maria Lucia Hohan
Just look at the fabric it looks neat and clean,Im actually liking this a lot.
As you know she chas created numerous works for famous people like Taylor Swift,Demi Lovato,Vanessa Hudgens,Angelina Jolie,Ashley Tisdale,Emma Roberts etc... just naming some few,Here are some amazing photos to show you guys.

She created luxury dresses and you can check her out on her site here's the link http://www.mlh-shop.com/ so that's pretty much it for this post i'm just loving her a lot now.


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