Monday, April 30, 2012

Collective Haul : SUMMER TIME !

Sorry for not updating my blog in a while was just too busy doing a lot of stuffs this summer but anywho i have a new haul for you this are some stuffs that i purchased the past few awhile ago,days,weeks,months and yeah to make it clearer i didn't got all this stuffs in one shopping.I just want to share with you the things i got that you might be interested in some of them.I actually planned to collect this haul so it'll be a lot cause if i put one haul at a time that'll be few and i guess boring for me so hope ya'll like it:)

These stuffs are from the SM 3-day sale last April i forgot the date but yeah i purchase a lot of clothes only few makeup cause i dont need that much at the moment i also forgot to include the dress that i also purchased  so thats some of the stuffs that i got from the sale i forgot some of the stuffs to include i can't find them at the moment.

Just got this book  yesterday at Fully-Booked,Im planning to purchase more fashion books soon cause it'll give me more ideas.

This is the Dress and swimsuit that i got when i had my vacation in Bicol,i did a little shopping there and these are from Coco Cabana.

This is the shirt i got from Subic just a little souvenir

My mom got these for me few days ago this is so cute :">

I also got these during the 3-day sale such a fan of Anime and Manga 

My parents gave me this just want to include in my haul 

This keychain is free from the Downy Hello Kitty ,The box itself states that it's worth P 1000 and i think its a pretty good deal it also has the hello kitty sticker at the back of it .It's kind of my mark that it's authentic.

New Glasses lost it again!

Some cute hats from SM Dept store 

I guess thats pretty much the end of my haul hope ya'll enjoy reading and wait for my next blogpost :)

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