Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Have any of you experienced prom? well i did it was my first time since im a junior.I just want to share the excitement and the love during prom.I was the one who did my makeup during prom just because i trusted my own skills when beautifying myself.

Here's the whole outfit the dress was really inspired by Taylor Swift during the CMA awards i only wanted to wear dress not gown just because i wanted not to tripped during the dance.I've had hard time on finding the somewhat dupe of Taylor's dress but good thing i was able to find it,For the accesories i bought it from random stores but i've had difficulty on picking my hair accesories since im really picky when it comes on picking it,last thing is the shoes can yoi imagine? i wore 6 inch heels when i dont even like wearing them it's just frustrating i tripped a lot of times but it was worth it because the design of the shoes is stunning.Over all my theme for prom is Mediterranean Goddess im really happy with the result and the idea i picked.

 Proceeding with my shots :)

So the worst part of that day i went to school late i almost cried when i went to school thinking i couldn't make it walking on the red carpet but good thing they didn't started yet so i still have time to take pictures with my friends even though im late.

Didn't took that much pictures i let my mom bring the camera home cause i dont wanna be taking shots during the night to remember lol =)) but i was happy cause i did the closing prayer and my name was on the invitation haha my dad made the prayer but wasn't able to use it because i left it on my table epic fail!!! had a lot of awkward moment during prom but it was memorable,I didn't expect it to be perfect.


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