Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prom Haul

 These are the accesories that i bought for prom didnt bought much cause i have some jewelries from my jewelry collection that i can use to match the theme of my dress the head stuff i dont know what to call it is from glorietta i forgot the exact name of the store and the last two pieces are from Forever 21.

Bought some cosmetics from Duty Free most of my makeup are from M.A.C its pricey but the quality is worth it i got also got a lipgloss set from clinique,Mascara and gel liner from maybelline i bought the mascara cause i cant find it on my local drugstore and the last makeup item is my nichido lipliner in rosette.

It also came with free tartan tale pouch that goes with the makeup i purchased so cute right?

Also got some lipbalm from EOS my sister bought this for me actually she got this from the supersale bazaar,then some mask from faceshop and individual lashes from Nichido.

I got my shoes from Leaveland dont want to talk about it much.


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