Sunday, January 15, 2012

Collective Haul (Shopping,Gifts etc...)

So here's a stash of my collective haul i actually wanted to blog this last week but i was too busy to that and here's the random stuffs i got during the holidays and also included my purchases from the mall.

 This is what i received from our christmas party something seems missing but im gonna figure it out someday actually this is not the whole haul but i decided to exclude somes stuffs cause that'll cause more time to find those it's actuall clothes and bags and some of those are still in the laundry thats why im not able to inlude it.
 Some stuffs i purchased from Baguio i had some christmas money that time that's why i didn't give a heck spending money.
 Here are random gifts from tita that means auntie :)) yeah most of these are cute and fashionable one of my favorite is the clip looks simple but when you expose it in the sun rays it'll change it's color cool right?
 Ribbons that i purchased last week was on sale ,I include this when i was gift shopping for my niece im such a huge fan of ribbons.

These are the only stuffs i used for my face as of the moment first is the BB cream i purchased this recently i heard that it's an alternative for foundation i used to use foundation everyday at school but i think it's too much but now this is the only thing i use and its like a skin care cream feels light i really reccomend this.Next is the cetaphil this is what the doctor reccomended me to use my skin is super sensitive.Lastly is the SkinSonic that i ordered recently i'll make a seperate review on that soon.Over all i love everything <3

Last thing in my haul is Blackberry actually this is the most expensive gift i received for chritmas mommy got me this phone cause i've been wanting to have this phone i really love it :) 


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