Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Roadtrip

So for 4 straight days i've been travelling a lot,We just got home on the 23rd of December so i spent my christmas eve here in manila and too bad i forgot to take pictures of my essential stuffs specially my travel makeup kit but if i have more time i will do a separare post about it.I guess this will be a long post i need to rush posts because school is approaching i will be busy with school again.

Here are some pictures during our roadtrip,yeah i do look nerdy because i didn't wore my contact lens that time and mind you guys my sister just got a new DSLR camera we have the one from Canon 7D and the quality is amazing but that doesn't mean im not gonna use my old trusty nikon camera.

When we arrived at Baguio it was cold the temperature is 13 degrees.I really love the weather when i was there i brought a lot of makeup with me but the only thing i used is my korres lipbalm which is perfect because its cold and my lips are getting dry i also used my celeteque moisturizer because i need spf and moisturizing effect because of the weather it makes my skin dry,At night i would use my lush lip scrub.The hotel we got in is The Hotel Supreme the tour guide told us that it's one of the best hotels in Baguio and yes it is the people are very welcoming.

At day 2 we have our free breakfast at the hotel as usual,It was terrific and i love it

First stop is Tam-awan village but we didn't went all the way just took some pictures because my parents are more concerned of my brother's condition he is injured and my parents think that it'll be better if we dont continue,So after that we went to La trinidad,Benguet where i experienced strawberry picking and tasting a lot of their products like Strawberry icecream and Strawberry taho it's terrific and i love it so muuuch :*

after that we just have a quick stop at The Mansion to took some pictures.

And our last stop is at Mines View Park

okay i'll put up the second part later :)) Thanks for viewing

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