Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sporty Chick Muse

Hey guys last friday i was the muse representative of our classroom,I need to rush for my outfit and i figured thati should go shopping after class and these are the things that i got i actually took the picture with instagram and i didn't put much detail with the picture.

I got a pair of skirt and a polo shirt from adidas,then a shoe from nike that was on sale sweet deal it was 30% off and lastly i stopped by james cooper and pickup an all body natural foundation just let me know if you want a review that's all i bought for the Mini tournament opening held at my school.

This is the most decent picture i have because i forgot to bring my SLR so only have few pictures and i did my makeup but my classmate fixed my hair it's so pretty right? :) btw guys just leave a comment if you want me to do review for any makeup product i will try to find time and next week will be our long test and outbound will be next so thats a busy week and after that i will try to organize my schedule as possible.



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