Thursday, November 3, 2011

School's Nightout : Gothic Lolita Doll

Okay if you guys dont know during our School's Nightout i joined the cosplay contest i didn't won but that's okay i dressup as a Gothic Lolita Doll,it was a fun experience though i had a lot of fun.

This is a tagged photo so here's all of the contestants :) how cute ^_^

Here's a closeup of my makeup

The cosplayers doing their final walk thanks to my bestfriend for taking my pictures :) i used Nikon D60 in taking these pictures.
Then after the contest it's party time didn't have much pictures after that i was a little bit busy forgot to take picture with the whole outfit but im wearing a dress and a lace blazer that i bought but was not included in my haul and some killer heels :) it was all black except for my watch it was color white.

Then  picture with my betfriend i look so hggard lol :D


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