Sunday, November 27, 2011

FOTD: Bring back the old country

I just wanted to share my outfit for the day and i love making blogs about my outfits lately.This outfit is inspired by spring and i really love spring i just wanted to incorporate florals and denims with this outfit.In this outfit i wore  a dress from Forever 21 and top it off with a denim and i just knotted the denim for more sexy country feel to it the accesory that i wore are all from Forever 21 the necklace is more of a vintage touch aswell as the hair accesory it's really nice to put all of that together but not over doing it,On my shoes i got it from a thrift store its really cheap but it matches the theme of this outfit it's a denim shoe its really comfortable to wear and i really love the design.Your probably wondering why i look so overly tanned on my pictures its because i edited it too much and my sister told me that i look like a tomato but i dont give a heck lol credits to my sister who took my pictures.


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