Sunday, October 2, 2011

SM Bicutan 3day sale Haul

It's been a long time since i last posted an entry here in my blog im sorry for that im really busy with school but now im trying to catch up.I have a lot of stuffs that i bought the previous week,month but i dont have the time to put here in my blog but now im gonna post a haul about the things i got yesterday at SM Bicutan's 3 day sale.
Im gonna start with beauty products.Yeah got a little bit crazy with blush ive got elf duo blush,maybelline angelfit blush,elf single studio blush in tickled pink and maybelline mineral blush.All of them was on sale that's why i got these blushes they're really nice and light good for an everyday use.
for lip products i only got vaseline lip therapy and revlon's matte lipstick,The revlon lippy was 100 pesos off thats why i got one its a hot pink color.
Then i got some felt liner from maybelline and maybelline mascara the red version btw the maybelline stufs was 20%-25% off thats why it was really fun picking products and getting them lesser,then i pickup one falsies from elf second time purchasing them it was cheap and nice quality.

Lastly from my beauty products shopping i purchased an angled blush brush from marionnaud was really cheap and i saw a lot pinay gurus raving about this product that convinced me to get one for myself,also got a brush cleaser from james cooper it was cheap and goodthing i discovered this product i dont need to buy a mac brush cleanser which is way more expensive than this one and the last product is an eyecream from olay .
Moving on with clothes i got 3 cute shirts was on sale for 50% off how crazy can this sale get? amazing im not really a fan of tshirt that why i pickup some cute designs probably purchasing more in the future.

This shoe is adorable i got it for 50% off from parisian,its floral and pretty its prefect!!!

pick this up from a brand called BALENO? but not really familiar with the brand it was also for sale for 50% off aswell and i know that i will use this specially the weather is getting cold.The cotton is very comfortable.
For hair products i got Dove's heat defense that i will use as a heat protetant,Bench's styling sticks that i can use for my baby hair  and lasty Bench's styling gum for styling my hair.
Im really sorry for not posting a lot of blogs i got a lot of stuffs that i forgot to haul and also got a lot of tutorials and makeup reviews pending just finding the right time to do them.


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