Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Trends: Yellow Eyeshadow

We dont have classes today Yeah!! i wokeup lazily today and my schoolmate texted me that we dont have classes today so im happy cause i can have time to fix my room and update my accounts,I was on tumblr earlier but i cant think of anything to blog yes!So i just came up with this idea on my blog to show it to you guys the latest trends in fashion and world of makeup :) I have been noticing some of the famous people in Hollywood wears yellow eyeshadow on some of their music videos.

1) One of them is Rihanna on her Music Video Who's That Chick Music Video. 

2) Nicki Minaj  Also wore the same look on her music video Super Bass,This is her first look in the video.
I actually made a blog about this just scroll down and you can see what i mean.

3)Hailey Williams i actually saw this look in a random magazine.This is Hailey and the Paramore band

So would you try this look?
For the picture:
(c)Google Images
(c)Paramore Facebook Page


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