Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Birthday Haul

I just had my birthday last week July 20,Probably gonna blog about all that fun stuffs the reason i'm not updated is because i dont have time we had our long test and field demo really busy with school the past month but we dont have classes for 3 days thats why i have time to catch up with everything :) so as you can see i did some changes with my blog .I want my readers to really have good time on reading my blog so my blog will now contain random blogposts about fashion,makeup,food,places and some random vlogging :)

The first things that i got during my exact birthday are from the grocery because my mom and i bought some food for the dinner and i came with her then i pick up a few stuffs ,i will also include my purchase from the body shop cause its only one.
I got Dove taming cream,Garnier eye rool on,Body shop anti-frizz cream 
4 caronia nailpolishes and made 2 purchases from ever bielen their eyebrow pencil and matte lipstick in storm.
Ive been addicted to hair products these past few weeks thats why i got two hair cream that works well for me,I used the dove ones on a daily basis.

Last saturday i did some real birthday shopping,The first store that i stopped by is tickles it was actually my first time buying something from that store i only got 4 stuffs from there a ballpen,angry birds keychain,charm bracelet and bath&body works hand sanitizer that happens to be my favorite i love the scent it's called "orange sapphire" you guys should get one to it smells so well <3 plus its only cheap

Next we went over to Beauty Bar i only picked up a few stuffs like sponges for concealer,cosmetic rounds if ever im doing makeup on other people this will be convinient for me cause i ran out of my ever bilena ones this is a lot cheaper rather than buying the individual ones you'll pay 150 pesos for 12 cosmetic rounds thats a really good deal,Last is te eyelash adhesive this one is for individual lashes and it will make your lashes stay for a long time.
 After that i went over to SM Departement store to buy some makeup since its my birthday im free to choose whatever i want so yay!! :) I got 3 brushes from elf that are really cheap ive heard some good review about it thats why i didnt think twice about getting the product,Then an angled brush from fanny serrano,lastly a stippling brush from tony moly i was actually at the end of my shopping thank God the department store has stippling brush i've been wanting to have one of these for the longest time.and its one of the cheapest stippling brush,I know M.A.C sells one but its about 1000 plus but still i want to try the M.A.C ones :) cause i know its awesome.
Here are some purchases I made from CoverGirl A foundation,Powder,Mascara and Lipstick
so everything from my purchase is added to my favorites everything is awesome and worth buying i dont have any regrets and hates about my purchase and also the foundation is good for people that has sensitive skin like mine it doesnt give me any breakouts and once you apply it,it will look natural and doesn't look like your wearing makeup at all :)

 I've been wanting to get this palette but i just waited ti'l my birthday comes to purchase this product.Your getting 100 shadows for only 899.75 pesos thats a really good deal especially for freelance makeup artists.
 I got lots of purchases from elf as always i love elf because their products are cheap,works on me and they dont test on animals which is great cause im an animal lover.Got the Mineral Primer,Golden Bronzer,Blush,Single eyeshadow,lashes and Highlighter.I love each and every product too bad i was about to get the blush and bronzer duo but they were out of stocks i can always get it next time.
I got cheap mascara from maybelline,I was choosing two mascara that time wether getting the stilleto ones or the hyper-curl volume mascara cause im gonna used it on applying falsies i gave my stilleto mascara to my sister i was thinking of purchasing a new one but instead i got the hyper curl ones. I wanna try it plus the sales lady told me its good with applying your false eyelashes.

Wet n' Wild stuffs are so awesome,I bought 3 eyeshadow neutral eyeshadow trios thinking that i wanna collect all of it <3 i got addicted also got jumbo pencil that is good on applying as your base too bad i didn't went over to NYX's store i really want to purchase they're jumbo eye pencils especially the one in milk.
Got LA Girl white eyeshadow it works well i highly recommend this product and the fanny serrano eyelash curler that is similar to shu eumura ones :) My sister lend it to me ones and dang! its similar but the fanny serrano one's is way cheaper.

Lastly i got a free bad from elf,another hand sanitizer and baby wipes i ran out of my old ones :)
Just let me know if you want a full review of anything that i got just comment,email or tweet me i'd be happy to help :)


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