Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Birthday Haul part II

The Reason that this birthday haul is halfed into two because i forgot to blog about this last two things but luckily i remember about it cause i wanna show it to you all.
That same day i got the other stuffs we also went to greenbelt during my birthday shopping,so i went over to PCX and there i chose a curling iron i saw different kinds of brands like CONAIR,VIDAL SASSOON,PHILIPS etc. lemme tell you guys that PCX is one of the best place to get a hair iron or accesories unlike watson's they only sell limited brands of hair irons.I was picking out an iron from vidal sassoon,I was about to choose the curling iron that you can create a volumize Kim Kardashian curls but my mom told me to chose this one cause its only 3999.75 pesos yet your getting 10 different curls in a set that a steal for me plus the color is so pretty.
So i got this along with my makeup shopping,It's my first time getting a makeup from JAMES COOPER,I only see it in the mall but never bother looking at their products but then i've heard so many good thing about their kiss proof lipstick so i got i,now im planning to try more on their products cause it looks fine for me now.
Im planning to do a review on the products i got so of your interested on any of these products just let me know and i'll be happy to do a review on it.


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