Sunday, May 1, 2011

Updates !!!

Sorry if i wasn't able to blog for awhile if you follow me on twitter you know that i have been gone for a week because i go to a vacation in bicol and please do follow me on twitter @ im always updating my twitter everyday so .. I've been tanned these days because we went to cwc and swim on bicols famous beaches so i really got tanned and i will show you picture im also proud about it because i dont have to go to expensive tanning salons to get a nice orange tan skin :) also i dont have many pictures because my sd card is with my sister so ill be posting a seperate one :)) on my other blog @ thats kind of my personal blog :) and i hope you check it out its really good to be back i miss manila so bad :))
Im wearing the goodies i got from cwc i got a sleeves and a baller you can get them at the souvenir shop
so i hope you guys like this blogpost and dont forget to tweet me :)


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