Monday, May 2, 2011

Fairy Pretty

Yesterday me and my little couzin did a li'l bit of fun with makeup.So i prettymuch did a sparkly makeup on her cause im sure kids love glitters .I use minimal makeup i didnt use dramatic and overpowering makeup like eyeliner and dramatic makeup .I actually want her to feel like  princess or  a fairy and she really like her look and i told her that i will put this on my blog she said sure so now im putting it she's so cute :) and pretty !! all pictures were taken by me with my nikon proffesional camera cause i really like the quality of the  camera

On this first picture she has no makeup on but she is wearing my favorite head accesory from Forever 21
she looks cute and pretty with the bow kinda like taylor swift hahaha :)

This is a photo of her with her eyes closed coz i told her to love this pic <3 
you can really see how pretty the eyeshadows are :) cute !!

Cutest smile ever :) I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost :) i will be making more soon and she's kinda staying here at my house ! we have more girly time together


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