Friday, April 15, 2011

Elf & Maybelline Cosmetics

Im gonna start with my latest mascara it's the maybelline stilleto mascara i actually love this mascara it lenghtens my lashes and it also came with a measuring paper but i forgot to take a picture with it but over all i love the mascara and it is also waterproof :) really nice deal it's really inexpensive so nothing to worry about the price.The packaging looks really beautiful and cool,so it doesn't look cheap at all the applicator is nice aswell.

So lets move on to elf cosmetics i actually got some products from elf and first thing i got is the elf encyclopedia it has a lot of neutral and dark eyeshadows to choose from it also came with an eyeliner,brush and two cream eyeshadows that i really dont like so i reccomend this for starting out with makeup cause it has instructions and im actually planning to get the lip edition :) so im looking forward to that.

Next stuff is items from the regular dollar line but i bought it 129.75 pesos because it has a different price at watsons so better get elf at the US cause its alot cheaper their :) I pretty much got lash and brow wet gloss next is Elf lipstick in classy last stuff is white eyeliner which came with a sharpener and it's so cool.
The white eyeliner has some shimmers in it which i really love about the product and it came with a sharpener which is really unique,The Brow and Mascara wet gloss is also nice i didn't made a further review on it so i can't tell,last thing in this haul is the elf lipstick in classy the lipstick is really moisturising and it has spf 15 its really cool plus i love the color :) so i will be doing a seperate haul on the stuffs i got from watsons because they gave me a freebie better watch out for that after this i will update my twitter so tweet and follow me at til my next blog :)


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