Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forever 21 accesories

This is my mini Forever 21 Haul,I actually have more stuffs to haul but sometimes i misplace my nikon proffesional camera and i want hto have a nice quality of photos so i can't blog without it ,This haul are stuffs that i got from Forever 21 well in my opinion forever 21 sells affordable accesories and i got these from their megamall branch.. :) they have like the biggest store of clothes at megamall ,The branch was really huge ....

It came with cute little plastics :) 

Pink thingy :)) its very girly so i get it

Black Bow !! 

Gold Bangles ,Its the new trend so i really need to get it
and this is the last thing i got this is not a huge haul ,


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