Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cosmetics,Accesories,Nailpolish etc.....

I got St.Ives face scrub and Cetaphil in mini sizes cause i wanted to try st.ives product and this is the first time
i will try their product and i can say that this is really helpful in removing all the dirt and excess oil in my face.
Next thing is cetaphil this is recommended by my doctor for cleaning my face cause its very mild to my sensitive skin i am using this since last november and i stopped buying the large bottle cause it is so big and sometimes i intend to get a loy of product

If you see any weird tiles it's just because i take pics on my comfort room :)
This is the myra-e tinted moisturize i didn't like it because it is too shimmery and glowing but i think i will still keep it who knows i might need it sometimes

I got this one for free at the dragon boat racing event at manila a while ago
i haven't try this one yet

Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Sweet Sugar 
this body mist smells like candy i really love it you guys should try it out :)

Maybelline Express Finish Nailpolish
in Ivory in seconds and Fairy Pretty,I like these nailpolishes bacause it dries fast and my first time trying maybelline nailpolishes,the only thing that i dont like about it is that it's very liquidy

I finally got the Fashion 21 palette,I actually went to metro and megamall and it's always out of stock
so i went to sm manila and they have a fashion 21 stall and this palette is available also it is the last piece so even though its the display i didnt hesitate to get it cause its only priced at 375 pesos and your getting 48 colors with a case :) total bargain!
I got these lippies for free at Glitz 4U2 by: Belair
you can only have this for free if you spend 1500 pesos on their products so my mom bought a few stuffs from them like palette,pencil,powder .. some of their products are really cheap and has quality.
the lippies are quite sticky but i like the colors,I dont really expect that much cause the lippies are only free

Hello kitty Purse that i used a while ago,I bought this cause i need a new hello kitty purse that i will add to my hello kitty collection yess i am a huge hello kitty fan :)) plus it's purple and purple is one of my favorite colors 

Heart-shaped ring and Necklace that will look good with a tube
i dont know i just got these accesories cause i want something to go with my outfit
so that's everything i got so far have a nice day ahead :) 


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