Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LA COLORS cosmetics review and first impressions :)

So yesterday i went to metro and went to LA colors booth because i wanted to try some of their products. So i got 4 stuffs from them , so i got loose glitter,liquid makeup,single eyeshadow and lipgloss so im gonna start with the foundation.

I got items for 60 pesos which is a really good bargain for me and I got this foundation in the color ''Creamy Beige'' which is a little bit dark for my skintone cause they dont have the lighter one when i came there so this foundation feels like a tinted moisturizer it doesnt have that annoying smell which im expecting so i think that you guys should try it out :)) plus its really moisturizing .. didn't expect that this will be such nice product.
Im definitely impressed by how moisturizing this lipgloss is i thought that this is gonna be so sticky
but i stand corrected :) love this product and im definitely goin to buy more of these next time .
This is how it pretty much looks inside and i was so surprised when i opened this lippy i thought it'll be the same as my elf ones , i really liek the applicator it's one of the reasons i love this product it glides on smoothly.

I got this single eyeshadow in chocolate which is a really nice crease color you guys should try stuffs from LA COLORS cause their so pigmented .
So this is what it pretty much looks like inside, this eyeshadow is such a dupe :)
in just one swipe your getting a lot of product and the pan is really big.

I also got this pigment for 60 pesos, I didnt find it very pigmented its just glittery :)
i just think that this will be a nice higlighting color, i think im gonna go back when they have a new stock 
because when i came there i didnt saw a lot of product because it was out of stock so i wasnt able to review a lot of their products ,You guys should really try la colors cosmetics because their products are affordable and has a nice quality so thats all for now :) i hope you guys find it helpful :) just comment below if you have any questions and ill be happy to answer it.


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