Saturday, January 29, 2011

Makeover with my cousin

I cant freakin remember the last time i blogged so if your followin me on twitter you'll know that ive been busy lately because of school,So last last week i went to my grandma's house an did a sea inspired makeup on her
and she loved it :) i did too... I used products from random brands ... btw My cousin is into makeup aswell :))
This is the finished look :)) she looks so blooming
look how pretty the colors look :)
Just ignore the backgroung LOL :))
but this is the picture w/ my cousin i have zero makeup on :))
but i did my makeup after ....!
Isn't she the cutest thing ever btw im using my cellphone but its actually morning that time so the
lighting looks really nice. My cousin Vyanne also want her makeup done so we put a little bit
of eyeshadow in her eye .. her eyes are so little cute ^_^ though

Me and My cousin Ymee and she's also the sister of Vyanne
Were off to marikina that time and we saw the sto.nino parade 
and i wasnt able to take pics hahah :)) And she lend me her awesome palette 
And thats me tired and heading my way home

Bye that's all for now see ya' on my next blog :))

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