Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clothing haul!!! (candies,international concepts,lee pipes)

So hey guys,this will be my first clothing haul so im gonna start with non candie's clothing and i dont know but you guys but i love candies clothing there clothes are really cute and fit for a teenager like me ..
so were gonna start with my tshirt i actually needed this for a party but anyways its not that pretty but i like the design
Birds of Paradise 649.75 pesos
Macy's International concepts
Blue Moun $59.00
i think that im gonna pair it with my brown vest really looks good together lazy colors :)

And for the really fun part were gonna head on to my candies clothing OMG.. i really love what i bought
Candie's Philippines :)
Vest P.Nickle Brown 699.75 pesos

                                          so this is me wearing my pink jacket that i really love
     you guys sould definitely get one of these i put my bonnets on cute ryt! credits to my sis for taking the pic
anyways i dont know the prize because the tag was lost so just check out any candie's store :)
its definitely affordable

                                                                  Jacket Silver Gray 1,399.75 pesos
 I superly duper adore this dress it a balloon form of a dress and it really looks good on me 
i would definitely get one of these :) slim type
1,199.75 pesos reasonable price right
and lastly i dont know what else to choose because almost all of the candie's dresses are so nice
and pretty so my mom got me one of these iits so pretty specially when u go to church masses you look 
decent and at the same time fashionable am i right.. yhea Black dress 1,099.75 pesos
im definitely gonna go back and get more colors and designs

so thats the end of my clothing haul so i hope you guys enjoyed it for more info
and if your interested check out this cool links -check out the magic of macys holiday collection's up  i am definitely stunned with the new holiday colection by britney spears go check em' out
for more ragged ,rebellious and cool tshirts check lee :)

Polly <3

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