Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gift

First of all Merry Christmas everyone! So I pretty much got Lush products as my christmas gifts and I super dupery loveee it! it smells so yummy and delicious :) And thanks! Mom for giving me a perfect gift for christmas Cute gift packaging ryt! its cute and smells freakin awesome
So the box is a little messy because i kinda ruined the designed when its packed nicely but whats important
is the thing inside it .I got 4 stuffs from Lush which im obsessed with these products so so much :)
Things Inside:
BubbleGum lipscrub
 Candy Cane  Bubble Bar
Sex Bomb Ballistic
Cinders bath ballistic
So i mostly got stuffs from their christmas/holiday collection because i love evrything from holiday seasons 
collection so its the first time i received a gift from lush so i got really excited while opening and smelling it
I recommend you guys to get most of these products because the smell is really relaxing during holiday seasons 
An it came with the lush christmas edition paper bag :) thats real cute
Today I ate at brother burger as you can see im not wearing any makeup on yhea i can live without it :)
sometimes i just gotta let my face breathe . so i hope you guys enjoyed your gifts this christmas season



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