Thursday, December 23, 2010

Black Swan

                                            So i was watching youtube all day with my favorite gurus
and i saw a lot of tutorials doing the black swan makeup look from the movie BLACK SWAN starring natalie
portman which is ah-mazing about it so i got really inspired and i decided to make a inspired look for the movie
.at first i think it was so hard to create the lines but then i watch it better then i finally got it :) so lets rake a look
This the look that i did not too perfect like most guru on youtube did but imm kinda proud about it
hahaha i know this look is so dramatic.. my sister find it scary  :) but i find it adorable and beautiful :)
As you can compare ,My version is way too different
from natalie's version but this is how i express the look so i hope you like it

There are many ways to get this look from different gurus:

 Please check it out , And it will be really helpful trust me <3
Happy Holidays


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