Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Casual Vacancy

Hey! It's been awhile okay this is the outfit that i wore yesterday just a simple go to outfit. I just threw on this top that i haven't worn it's just hanging out in my closet and thought why not try this one and pair it with some high-waisted shorts and some cute sandals and there you go. So I will be attending my Orientation later need to wake up early but i'm still here wide awake uggh i hate it screwed up body clock can't believe that i'm going to college more updates soon.

The photos are in it's original version 'cause my laptop is being a bitch again haha sorry for saying that but really it is and I want to get a new one so bad. I had to transfer to our computer so i could finish this one tonight. That's all more rants and outfits to be posted soon.

|Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Gap |
for the rest of the outfit you've prolly seen it a million times if your reading my blog or viewing my looks on Lookbook

xoxo,Polly ♥

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Caramoan Island

For my Last blogpost the pictures are not edited aswell everything is in it's natural pace just like the previous one,I just love embracing the natural quality of the pictures btw I'm using Canon D60 most of the shots are taken by my Dad. This picture is the taken upon arriving the port we just ride the boat,It was such an experience for me specially because i have this crazy fear on riding the boat.

As you can see the scenery is really breath taking and I fell inlove with white sand makes me want to go back but I don't want to ride the freakin' boat again haha :)) and Here are some pictures of me. I look a bit red due to lack of sleep and you can see some zit going on just ignore it if you find it disturbing :D btw we stayed at West Peninsula Villas 



This last picture is not relevant to this post but i just find this super cute this is my dog. I missed her a lot after the Caramoan trip ^_^ Pet Lovers will get me this picture is too adorable credits to my sister for this picture.

xoxo,Polly <3

Mayon Trip

This will be my first post about my Bicol Trip. Some Pictures of the beautiful sceneries taken by my Dad and Some collage because i just want to compile the pictures into one so this post won't be as long and I didn't edited the pictures so everything is Natural and not photo shopped.

Dress: Kamiseta | Shoes: Keds |Watch: Baby-G

View of the Infinity Pool at Oriental Hotel,Incase your planning to spend the vacation at Albay this is the Best Hotel so far.

Wait for my next post I hope this post is somehow interesting.
xoxo, Polly <3

Summer in the Fall

I wore this outfit a Night before Mother's Day when me and my siblings bought some gifts for our Mom. If you can notice my skin got a little bit more tan than usual and i love it just got back from Bicol had an awesome vacation and I will blog about it after this post. This look is also up on my lookbook account.

For this outfit I worked with dark fall colors that has some summer vibe to it that explains the title the colors reminded me of the weather fall but also the brightness of the shorts also give warmth of summer,I love this look will totally wear these type of looks getting addicted to wearing high waisted shorts.

Shorts: SM Department Store | Handbag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Butterfly
*Forgot where i got the top :D

xoxo, Polly <3

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mistique Daydream

Goodmorning! It's 2:25 am just got back from the Spa,I feel so much better now I've been sick the past few days and it sucks :(  Anyways Now i'm back this is kind of a late blogpost. I wore this outfit last April 19th during the Earth day Jam I had so much fun that night,So if you can notice I started putting this logo on my pictures I'm trying to work with it so bare with me I'll try to do better soon for more already posted this on Lookbook so feel free to check it out :)

Dress: Forever 21 | Belt: Candies | Shoes: Butterfly


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Underneath Savannah

This will be my last blogpost for tonight good thing I am able to finish these last two posts tonight. I wore this outfit last Wednesday when i go to our school to get something and went to Eastwood after with my friends. For the dress i honestly don't know where i got this from my mom just hand it over to me but if your interested in this look feel free to hype and check out my lookbook account for more details about this outfit.


Walking on Sunshine

Good Evening! This was the outfit that i wore when i attend a family friend's debut i decided to wear something bright for that night. I really want to stand out although i was a bit hesitant because these kind of outfit suits daytime better but i went ahead and still wore that elegant,chic yet classy dress.

If you want to know more about this look feel free to check out my Look Book account please do hype my looks and Be my fan if you find my looks interesting.

 Some of my #Selfie shots :D

(Credits to my sister and brother for the shots)

Have a wonderful summer ahead of you ^_^

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bluer than Blues

Outfit that i actually wore when i attended a friend's Graduation Paty at Dusit Thani Hotel last Saturday.Lately i've been wearing a lot of simple dresses because i just love the whole simplicity and not adding too much accesories to go with it. I love how this dress shows off my colar bones. Feel free to check this out on my Lookbook site for the lists and information about this look.


Little Black Dress

An Outfit that i wore during my sister's birthday dinner at TGIF last April 4. Already posted this look on Lookbook so feel free to check it out if ever you find this look interesting. I didn't wore makeup during that night actually fresh from my nap that's why i look a little bit fresh i guess haha what? =)) I really love the simplicity of this look.


Sapphire's Charm (LSM Graduation Ball)

So i attended LSM's Graduation Ball last April 3 at The Glass Garden. I was asked out by a friend it was kind of nice because our school didn't have Gradball as for my outfit I just picked out a long evening dress most of my friends reccomended these kind of dresses for me to wear they told me that Straight cut looks best on me that's why I decided to get this.I bought this dress at 168 Mall,Divisoria i just wanted to find something cheap yet Elegant can't recall about the shop's name where i got this dress but they make the most elegant dresses.I didnt have that much pictures because the camera quality that time isn't that good but i wish i had more pictures though.

Photobooth Pictures ^_^

If you want to check out more pictures feel free to check out my tumblr
So that's the link and I had so much fun also met new friends,It was definitely a night to remember. I already posted this look on Lookbook so feel free to check it out aswell.